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Interceptive Orthodontics & Invisalign First for Kids

Interceptive Orthodontics will help your child avoid more invasive orthodontic procedures later in life, reducing the need for extractions while correcting bite and alignment problems. Our orthodontists discuss how Phase 1 Treatment and/or Invisalign First will help your child’s smile turn.

Phase 1 Interceptive Treatment

Our orthodontists offer Phase 1 Interceptive Orthodontics to address your child’s bite and misalignment problems before they become more severe. Interceptive orthodontic care normally starts when children are between the ages of 7 and 11, when their jaws contain a mixture of baby and adult teeth. When correcting current and possible future misalignment and bite problems, the orthodontist will use your child’s ongoing dental growth.

For certain children, early orthodontic care may help to reduce or even eliminate the need for extractions later in their orthodontic treatment.

When Is a Phase 1 Interceptive Treatment Beneficial?

The orthodontist can more readily fix arch issues and make way for existing teeth as well as incoming teeth during this stage of your child’s dental growth. Interceptive orthodontics can be used to help avoid pre-existing conditions from worsening, correct existing tooth alignment issues, and make Phase 2 care more efficient and comfortable.

Phase 1 Interceptive Treatment Oral Appliances

Every child’s smile is unique. The appliance that is recommended for your child will be determined by the problem that is being treated. Orthodontic appliances such as space maintainers, braces on just a select teeth (limited phase braces), personalized retainers, expansion appliances, or Invisalign First aligners can be used in Phase 1 treatment.

Interceptive Orthodontics & Invisalign First

The Invisalign First aligners were created to aid young children with a variety of orthodontic problems, including misaligned teeth, overcrowding, gapped teeth, and small dental arches.

Invisalign First is a collection of clear plastic aligners that can be quickly removed when appropriate, unlike conventional Phase 1 orthodontic procedures. The sleek plastic aligners are free of bulky braces and wires that can irritate your child’s mouth and since they are removable, your child won’t have to give up any of their favourite foods as they straighten their teeth. This  treatment can also make brushing a breeze. When it’s time to clean and floss their teeth, kids quickly remove their aligners.

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