The Invisalign Journey from Start to Finish


Starting your journey Your Invisalign plan begins with a consultation with your orthodontist to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Your orthodontist will examine your smile thoroughly and take impressions as well as digital x-rays of your teeth and jaw. Following the examination, the orthodontist will review your evaluation and discuss the various […]

Invisalign for Busy Teens


Indicators of ComplianceIn contrast to adult Invisalign patients, teen Invisalign patients are less consistent with their care. Teens are more likely than adults to take off their braces more often and for longer periods of time than is recommended. Invisalign for teens helps to address this issue with the addition of compliance indicators.Small blue dots […]

Why Should You Consider Invisalign® Instead of Metal Braces?


About Invisalign When worn, Invisalign treatment consists of a collection of transparent custom aligners that are nearly invisible. Invisalign is a clear aligner that allows you to straighten your teeth without the hassle of metal braces. It is simple to use and easy to wear. Your orthodontist will develop a unique care plan for you […]

Benefits of Invisalign®

Since Invisalign® is more comfortable than conventional braces, patients may prefer it. No one would be able to tell that you are straightening your teeth because the aligners are invisible. You can wear them out to dinner, on a date, or to make a major presentation at work because they're only worn for 22 hours a day. Brushing and flossing your teeth as normal is all that is needed; no additional resources are required. There is less risk of teeth being stained with ceramic braces than with metal braces, which can be difficult to clean. The procedure is more comfortable than metal braces because the aligners move teeth into alignment slowly and only focus on a few teeth at a time. Aligners are simple to maintain, and you only have to wear them for a few weeks at a time.

One of the first things you note about someone is their smile. Smiles make you feel better and boost your self-esteem. If you’re dissatisfied with your smile, though, it may affect your self-esteem. Many people suffer from dental problems like crowded teeth, an overbite, or an underbite. It’s never been easier to straighten your teeth. […]



What is Invisalign® treatment and how does it work?Invisalign® aligners are almost invisible. No one will know you’re wearing these almost invisible “braces.” This allows Invisalign care to blend in with your daily routine and relationships with others. Invisalign may also be removed. By simply removing the aligners during recovery, you have the freedom to […]


Coquitlam Ortho

What is orthodontics and how does it work?Orthodontics (also known as dentofacial orthopaedics) is a dental specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities. What is the role of an orthodontist?An orthodontist is a dental surgeon with two to three years of additional training and experience. Your orthodontist will […]